According to Adult Swimming, which event are his finally you to –

According to Adult Swimming, which event are his finally you to

According to Adult Swimming, which event are his finally you to

“Little Brittle” forty-eight 306 MC Pee Trousers output from heck as an elder rapping event. Now, he sings brand new song “Excite started see me personally Dawg” so you’re able to entice vampires of the underworld regarding Transylvania to come and you may chew your therefore the guy don’t must pass away and you may go back to heck in which Satan will provide your another absurd propose to overtake this new business.

This is the simply twenty two time event thus far; it has because the become put into two fold to possess normal transmit

“Robositter” 49 307 Shortly after Meatwad gets into the fresh new treatments closet if you’re less than Carl’s oversight, Frylock brings a robotic baby-sitter, spoken by the Sarah Silverman, to undertake him.

“Moonlight Learn” fifty 308 New Mooninites distribute a e (probably a great parody of one’s Last Starfighter) in an attempt to begin a beneficial pyramid plan. That it episode try renamed “Mooninites cuatro: The final Mooning” into the Aqua Teen Cravings Force, Vol. 4 Digital video disc.

His roomie from the well was Dirtfoot (a combination of bigfoot plus the Jersey Devil), the brand new epic Nj dirt beast who’s rumored becoming gay

“Southern Bronx Parasite Diet plan” 51 310 Meatwad and you can Carl vie to see who will get rid of by far the most lbs. Carl gains immediately following dinner parasite-infested sweets, and you will Meatwad dislike a healthy diet thus he happens out of towards cakes, and you will Shake begs are an element of the choice and this yet not had his lung area closed by a bored stiff Frylock. That it occurrence are renamed “Diet” into the Aqua Teen Hunger Push, Vol. 4 Dvd.

“Dirty Gozongas” 52 309 Move and Carl contend into affections out of a ditzy civil servant which moonlights given that an exotic performer (and sometimes becomes her operate baffled). Even though credited as the Veronica les plus belles filles de PГ©rou Billingsley, Dusty Gozongas is spoken by the Scott Thompson.

“T-Clothing of the Way of living Deceased” 53 311 An ancient Egyptian t-shirt offers Meatwad unfathomable vitality, which he generally spends so you can summon Santa claus in addition to Easter Rabbit (along with his twin brother Derryl). Amazingly, Santa’s sound matches that this new Bizarro Santa whom appeared in the space Ghost Coast-to-coast episode “Girl Tresses.” It occurrence was rebranded “T-Clothing of the Dead” towards Aqua Teenager Cravings Push, Vol. 4 Digital video disc.

“Hypno-Germ” 54 312 Move initiate hallucinating whenever a band off “Hypno-Germs” reside his mind and then try to stage an enthusiastic outlandish play to the his direct. Special Traffic: Bob Odenkirk as the Bean Genius, Eric Wareheim once the Hypno-Germ King, Tim Heidecker because the Basketball.

“Carl” 55 313 Carl was leftover to help you babysit Dewey, Vanessa, and you will Boxy Brown due to the fact Aqua Teens is actually visiting inside the Panama Area, Fl. Havoc arises whenever Carl incurs Frylock’s robot protect, Rudy. Which event try renamed “Spacegate Industry” to your Aqua Teen Desire for food Force, Vol. cuatro Dvd, immediately after a line uttered because of the Dave Willis in episode’s tape tutorial. The newest class is additionally integrated since an advantage element toward Dvd.

“Improve Cellular” 57 402 Move becomes a cellular phone sales person. Here is the very first episode you to definitely promotes to own a real company brand (Boost Mobile and you may AXE Looks Sprinkle)

“Erased Scenes” 58 403 Shake reveals videos which were slash regarding their Untitled Master Shake Venture. The latest event are to begin with indexed once the “Star-studded Xmas Magnificent Starring Rhon Geremi,” a reference to pornographic actor Ron Jeremy, who failed to appear in new occurrence.

“Dickesode” 59 404 An unhealthy foods restaurant’s “Rip-n-Win” competition honors Carl the brand new “prize” away from genital mutilation. The word “dick” is said 53 moments. This is the very first event to get a tv-MA score. About loans, every person’s first name are substituted for “Dick”. (The newest 10-week hiatus anywhere between “Removed Scenes” and “Dickesode” try apparently because of production to the Aqua Teen flick.)

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